Freedom Wars is Adapting to a City Structure for the West, Not Japanese Prefectures

freedom wars 07-07-14-1

Freedom Wars is an upcoming online multiplayer action game in the vein of other monster hunting games, although we haven’t known whether or not the game would have the same prefecture structure as seen in the Japanese version.

To explain for our fans who haven’t been following the game, in Freedom Wars you’re incarcerated to a near endless sentence within one of these “Panopticons,” giant penal colonies that are represented by each of Japan’s prefectures.

Now, thanks to a response over on the Playstation Blog by Sony’s Nick Accordino, we’ve learned that instead of having 47 Panopticons for each of Japan’s 47 prefectures, the Western versions will have 50 cities to choose from:

“We won’t be using the same prefecture system – we’ll be using an alternate list of 50 cities from throughout the globe to represent all of the Western Panopticons out there. (And of course, you’re free to choose which one you’d like to represent.)”

Freedom Wars still doesn’t have a release date in North America and Europe, but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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