Blast Off with Number 51

In a universe wrought with war and destruction,a young man barely scrapes by within the confines of his ruined planet.  In the stars above the sky, there is only darkness. A massive alien armada has sought domination, destruction, and complete control. Those that stand in their way are met with annihilation and death. It is a hopeless situation. Many have tried to stop the only to fail.

Though, amongst his travels on his world, he stumbles across an ancient combat starfighter, emblazoned with the name “51.” Somehow, the fighter is still very much operational. Weapons, engines, navigation, all there ready for action. It is unlike anything they have seen before.

For this young man, this is the chance to make a difference. This is the opportunity to leave his ruined world and fight the enemy. Maybe, along the way, he can make a real difference. He will travel to lost worlds and fight many waves of enemies all in the pursuit of great justice and peace.


Australian-based Pixel King Gaming is the studio behind Number 51, a mobile space shoot ’em up (shmup) that seeks to re-imagine the genre. The game is taking the best of the genre, RPG’s, and first-person shooters with a simple yet beautifully crafted story along with a solid soundtrack.

The studio is being run by only two brothers with a big thirst for imagination. They’ve been making games for years, and this is their chance. The game would be made and released on Android devices and iOS devices as well. If successful, the game would be released for free on these platforms.

The studio is looking to Kickstarter to fund their project. Their goal is $950 and they have until August 5th to hit their goal.  Several tiers are available, including creating enemies for the team and the games’ OST, which is being made from them.  Click on their KS page here  for funding information. Until then, Good Luck to the team.

Roberto Nieves


Growing up on the shores of Long Branch, Roberto has developed quite a few skills in the field of radio broadcasting, writing, blogging, and photography.