Freedom Wars E3 2014 Hands-on Preview

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It took me all of E3 2014 to find the next big Vita title, Freedom Wars, but I finally did on the last day and holy hell am I glad I did.  I’ve been wishing for God Eater 2 to come to the ‘States for a while, but having played Freedom Wars, I feel like I might not care whether we ever get it or not.

Now hold on God Eater fans, I say this because Freedom Wars feels like God Eater and Monster Hunter had a glorious, fast paced, action packed baby. This horrifyingly addictive child is ready to rip giant monsters to shreds, and use all sorts of equipment and items.

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I loved the demo at E3 so much, that I made a Japanese Playstation Network account on my other Vita just to play the demo for it.  It’s really that good.  Combat handles well, with players fanning out in search of large monsters who have captured NPC’s and are storing them within their chests.

It’s up to the players to seek out these monsters, wail on them until they crack open, and save the NPC’s by carrying them to an escape point.  Players are also equipped with a thorn like whip that they can use to grapple around the stage.

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You can also perform special attacks with the whip, such as grappling onto a giant monster and attacking while mounted on it, or using it so pull smaller monsters towards you and then following it up with an attack.

It really is a shame that it was hidden away at the Sony booth, because after playing the demo I only wanted more. With no confirmed date for release, I’ll just have to keep trying to figure out what to do next in the Japanese demo.  Keep an eye out for this one, I know I will.

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