Oculus Creator: “30FPS” is “Not a Good Artistic Decision, It’s a Failure”

Oculus Rift is a breakthrough piece of virtual reality equipment, and despite the company being wholly bought out by Facebook, it seems like creator and founder Palmer Luckey is still remaining true to the foundations of PC and virtual reality tech – bleeding edge graphics and tech.

When being interview by Linus Tech Tips, Palmer was asked the age old question: 60FPS or 30FPS? His response was a pretty clear jab at most traditional consoles:

“VR is going to need much higher frame rates than consoles, although even for consoles or traditional PC games, I don’t think 30fps is smart. It’s not a good artistic decision, it’s a failure.”

He followed up with asking where he sees the future of refresh rate going:

“I think that you see diminishing returns between 90 and 120Hz, so I think that in the foreseeable future, VR is going to end up somewhere in that range.”

So what do you guys think? Should 60FPS be the standard, or is 30FPS ok? Can you, personally, even tell the difference?

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Brandon Orselli


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