At Least Half of the Full Time Staff at Gametrailers are Laid off the Day After E3

gametrailers 06-15-14-1

This year’s E3 convention brought so much information and hopefully lots of potential new jobs, revenue, and so on for various game developers and journalists alike.

However, a good portion of the staff at Gametrailers have not fared so well, as we’ve learned (via Polygon) the day after E3 2014 concluded, at least half to two-thirds of their full time staff have been laid off. A reason was not given, although it could be due to the fact that Gametrailers, Addicting Games and Shockwave were all bought out by Defy Media.

Many staffers have taken to their own personal twitter accounts to tweet @Gametrailers, thanking them for their time, and sounding generally amicable with the company.

Our best wishes go out to all the staff involved – you guys will hopefully find new jobs shortly.

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