Lily Bergamo is No More, Whatever is Left was Cobbled into Suda 51’s Let It Die

lily bergamo 06-11-14-1

Remember Lily Bergamo? We’ve been covering the game since its original reveal at Tokyo Game Show last year, but apparently the game is already no more.

So what happened to the stylish, colorful action game starring a badass heroine covered in mystical strips of cloth? Thanks to an impromptu interview with Famitsu, we’ve learned that the game was quietly remade into Let It Die, Goichi Suda’s newly revealed murder simulator set for the Playstation 4. The confirmation came via GungHo CEO Kazuki Morshita, who revealed alongside Suda 51 that Lily Bergamo is no more.

While we didn’t really know much about Lily Bergamo, other than its protagonist Tae Ioroi, its asynchronous online component, and its “super action” mentality driving the completely off the walls combat. All of that sans Tae Ioroi will be in Let It Die, although the new game seems to focus a lot more on the survival part of what both games were meant to be. Oh, and did I mention Tae won’t be in Let It Die?

This change has been planned since late last year, as a result of them thinking of what kind of game they should try to make.

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