Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley E3 2014 Hands-on Preview – Just Like Minecraft?

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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is a new game within the series, developed internally at Natsume, while the team who worked on previous Harvest Moon games are putting out Story of Seasons, by XSEED.

I didn’t get too much hands on time with this one, and I actually don’t have much experience with the series, but it was actually very fun to play.

It was a bit different from any Harvest Moon game I’ve played before, and this isn’t just because of the full 3D graphics.  The game has somewhat of a Minecraft feel to it, and it’s easier than ever to manipulate the world around you.

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With just the push of a button you can chop down a tree and have all of the wood gained from it automatically go to your bag with no extra work needed.

Harvest Moon fans may also enjoy the new story, which centers on the player trying to bring back the seasons to the land they live in.

I definitely enjoyed playing the game, and can’t wait to play more of this one, and will be buying it, and later stealing it, from my girlfriend who has no idea of my plot.

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