These Guys are Making a Kill la Kill Shmup

shippu la senpu 06-01-14-1

Developers Clerya Games and Stron9est Studios are collaboratively working on a game adaptation of the popular anime Kill la Kill, a show featuring notable creators from the previous fan favorite, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

The game is called Shippu la Senpu, and it’s not exactly what you’d think a game adaptation of the brawling anime would incorporate, rather it’s a traditional shmup. The game plays out from a top down perspective, and it sees you playing primarily as Ryuko Matoi, as she fights hordes of COVERS baddies, and of course, her main enemies, Harime Nui and Kiryuin Ragyo.

The game already has some other things aside from enemies for you to encounter like items and powerups, as well as scenarios where you’ll have to protect your friend Mako, and the Naked Sun Battleship. The goal is to survive for as long as possible and get as high of a score as possible.

Shippu la Senpu is a fan made project, and as such it is free to play. You can download it here via the game’s official webpage.

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