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Popup Dungeon: Create Anything You Can Imagine

Popup Dungeon is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that gives the player complete freedom to create anything they can imagine.

The game is a project by Ring Runner and is being released for Mac, PC, Linux, Android, and Wii U.

popup dungeon 4-30-2014 ability

Popup Dungeon will be a tactical turn-based RPG.  It will also be a rogue game, meaning death is permanent, but you will be able to keep some of the items you acquired while playing the game.  The game will have a couple multiplayer modes and a party size mode to go along with the single player.

Ring Runner’s goal is to make everything customizable.  This means you can use either a pre-made character to start the game or make your own popup hero from the ground up.  The character is not the only thing you can create though.  You will be able to make any weapon, ability, and enemy completely from scratch.

popup dungeon 4-30-2014 create

Popup Dungeon has already received the Greenlight from Steam and they are now on kickstarter.  You can check out their kickstarter page here, which runs until May 18th.  They also have a ton of extra details and pictures, so check them out or visit their Tumblr.

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