DieselStormers: A Full Throttle Run and Gun

DieselStormers is a full throttle run and gun action game created by German based studio, Black Forest Games.  The team is trying to get the game on Steam’s early access program, but plan to release it on PC, Linux, Mac, XboxOne, PS4, and Wii U.

DieselStormers is set in a metropolis named Ravensdale.  The city has been turned into an oil rig and even worse, orcs are now invading.  You have a chance to join the resistance, fight back, and take back the city that was once yours.

dieselstormers 4-30-2014 abilites

The game will have a single player campaign mode with different difficulties and objectives.  Where the real fun lies is teaming up with your friends and trying to take out the orc horde together.

If you choose to play multiplayer, you will enable team strategies such as, team upgrades, complementing shot patterns, and a different way to use environmental objects.

Black Forest Games doesn’t want this to be just another run and gun game.  They say playing smart, instead of using brute force and gun power, will allow you to beat levels more easily.  Also, they give you the power to create your own weapon by combining different frames, barrels, and engines to your gun.

dieselstormers 4-30-2014 battle

My bottom line on DieselStormers is that it looks like a high powered and dynamic video game.  The battles look breathtaking and the artwork is amazing.  Add in the multiplayer and I believe you have an all-around first-rate game.

DieselStormers is currently on kickstarter until Friday May 23rd.  Also, you can go on their kickstarter to download their demo or check out their official site.

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