Punch Terrorism Right in the Genitals with Broforce

Broforce is described as a co-operative “patriotism simulation.” When you’ve seen the game in motion, you can’t really argue against those words, as the small team at Free Lives have crafted a seemingly perfect game adaptation of The Expendables, only with a dash of Team America: World Police.

In the game you’ll play as caricatures of 80’s and 90’s machismo action heroes that are soaked in adrenaline, blood, and sweat. Instead of pitting you against some shadowy corporation or military group, the game literally sets you out to destroy a very real threat – terrorists. Broforce doesn’t give you a paltry number of playable characters, Broforce offers fifteen “bros,” each bro having his own unique attacks and special abilities.

Explosions, blood, and lots of terrorist killing are the mainstay of Broforce. While environments are static, they have tons of areas that will react to how you play, whether it be setting off explosions as much as possible, or simply painting the landscape with the blood of your enemies. We’re told that mastering all of these pieces is key to surviving in Broforce, or you could just hold down the trigger button and scream ‘MURICA as you do so. That last bit to the game is totally optional, but definitely recommended.

While Broforce is not in a completed build yet, this build does include the game’s first playable female hero, Ripbro. Free Live is promising new locations, new bros, new missions, among others, but for now you can buy it through Steam Early Access via its official Steam page.

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Brandon Orselli


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