Future PS4 Firmware is Going to Let You Turn Off the Dualshock 4’s Lightbar -UPDATE-

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Contrary to what Sony Worldwide Studio Boss Shuhei Yoshida said back in January, it seems that Sony is preparing a neat little feature for an upcoming firmware that will be hitting the Playstation 4.

The feature? To disable the Dualshock 4’s LED light bar, which many users are claiming is killing the battery life expectancy of the device. The news was confirmed by Gametrailer’s own Geoff Keighley, who mentioned it on Twitter:

Just interviewed @yosp and he said that upcoming PS4 firmware will let you turn off light bar on controller!

So while the firmware number this feature will come with was not mentioned, it is nice to see that Sony is definitely listening to their fans and giving this option in the future.


In an clarification via Polygon, we’ve learned that Sony is in fact not letting you totally turn off the LED bar, as it seems that would make it impossible to tell if the controller is turned on.

You can think of it as having a gigantic version of the tiny little red LED that the Dualshock 3 had as an indicator light. Sony’s Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida was the one to clarify the feature yet again:

“We are working to dim it,” Yoshida said. “I’m not talking about the percentage, but you’ll be able to make it very, very dark.

We need to keep it on, even if it’s dark, because that’s the only way to tell the controller is switched on. It’s kind of required.

The LED [power usage] is much lower than people think. We know the DualShock 4 lasts less than the DualShock 3, but that’s because there is much more in the DualShock 4, like the touchpad.”

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