Believe it or Not, Freedom Wars has Been in Development for Three Years

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Despite Freedom Wars being co-developed by three development studios Shift, Dimps, and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, it has actually been in development for three years.

The information was revealed in producer Junichi Yoshizawa’s blog, as several of the key developers working on the project have opened up blogs to reach out to fans of the title. The pertinent portion of his blog talks about how the game just passed the three year mark, you can view it below:

“Just recently, the length of development has passed three years.

If we’re going by months, that equals 36 months.

If the game were a child, it would be three years old.

What a really long period of time for game development!”

Yoshizawa-san cracked a joke after this when he pointed to Soul Sacrifice Delta, another monster hunting game that has been released on the Playstation Vita. He made a note of the game getting its second release already:


Wait, what?!

While we’ve been developing Freedom Wars, there has been two Soul Sacrifice games?!

So it really is true, we’ve been taking plenty of time to develop Freedom Wars.”

While Soul Sacrifice Delta isn’t out until the 6th of March, Freedom Wars is on schedule for a summer release in Japan on Playstation Vita. A western release has not been confirmed yet, but considering the scope of the project, it’s just a matter of time.

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