The Caffeinated Future is Grim in this Sci-fi Horror Adventure

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Caffeine is a stimulant that lots of gamers and non-gamers alike intake daily, some more than others and some intaking dangerous amounts of the drug. Imagine a future where caffeine could no longer be grown on Earth? If you drank a fraction of the coffee that I do, you’d probably go through a painful withdrawal process.

Incandescent Imaging has envisioned a future just like that, however, they have set their game within a space station that actually mines caffeine. Titled simply Caffeine, the story takes off when the protagonist, a young boy, wakes up alone in a mysteriously and seemingly abandoned space station. However, not everything is at it seems, as you find remnants of what happened to the crew.

Check out a trailer for Caffeine below:

Slowly you begin to piece the puzzle together as you explore the space station. Incandescent Imaging is citing Fear, Condemned and Doom 3 as their inspirations for the game, and it definitely does show in both the visuals and the lighting. Most of the rooms and corridors you’ll frequent seem lit just enough to get you by.

So what really happened in the caffeine mining space station? The sole developer of the game, Dylan Browne, is keeping tight lipped about it. Currently he is working on a demo for the game to bring more awareness to the title, eventually hoping to put it up on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight, which you can find here.

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