A New Shining Game is Coming

shining hearts art 1

A new Shining game is set to be revealed very soon, that is if this tweet from series producer Tsuyoshi Sawada is anything to go by.

In the tweet, Sawada had this to say regarding the new entry in the series:

“Tomorrow there’s a new announcement coming, please look forward to it fans. You’ll see the new announcement in the morning. We’re experimenting with a new genre within the Shining series. Starting with this new project, I’ll be doing a lot of new things this year.”

He also added this in a following tweet:

“The new project that will be revealed tomorrow is not an RPG. I’ve updated our Twitter icon to a pertinent image.”

The twitter icon he was referring to is featuring artwork from Shining Blade, which originally launched on the Playstation Portable in Japan – and hasn’t seen a release outside of the country since.

The interesting thing about the timing of this reveal is that it directly coincides with the upcoming Nintendo Direct broadcast, which is set to happen at the same time. Could this new title be in development for the 3DS? We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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