Witness the Insane Customization of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Customization was detailed a bit in Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s kickstarter video, but we only got a brief overview of the sheer overwhelming amount of complexity behind the title.

Warhorse Studios are building a world where thousands of characters can all look and behave differently, specifically using the tools within CryEngine to create tons of clothing, armor, and weapons.

Check out the customization video update below:

Each character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have 16 equipable slots for you to put clothing or armor on. You can even layer clothing under armor, and as you progress through battles (or trade) you’ll get dirtier or bloodier. I suppose this game will bring on the adage that dirt washes off easier than blood – in more ways than one.

Currently, Kingdom Come is sitting atop £625,728 – enabling several of its stretch goals, namely:

  • £400,000 – Live in-game period music
  • £500,000 – Symphonic orchestra soundtrack
  • £600,000 – Playable female character

Next up is performance motion capture at £700,000, a considerable amount of money but also for a considerable milestone that will make the game that much more lifelike.

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance kickstarter is still going on, if you haven’t pledged yet, you can do so here.

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