Shmup Developer Cave is Shutting Down Their Western Presence

Do-Don-Pachi Saidaioujou ss 2

Famed Japanese shmup developer Cave is apparently having financial woes, as they announced that they are closing their English language twitter account and referring any fans to their official Japanese Cavegames twitter account.

Despite Cave seeing commercial success with the release of its titles Deathsmiles and DoDonPachi Resurrection, Akai Katana was a total commercial flop and it ended their co-publishing deal with Rising Star Games, the publisher who had been bringing their titles to Western audiences.

Things didn’t get better with the release of Gunwange on Xbox Live Arcade, so then Cave turned to making games for mobile devices on iOS and Android, namely Mushihimisama 1 and 2, Espgaluda 2, and so on. Some of their games were even ported to the Windows Phone, while their Playstation Vita releases have been quietly cancelled, followed by the departure of their CEO in 2012.

One of their latest games, Don Paccin, is out now as a free download for Japanese iOS and Android users, while a Western release has yet to be confirmed.

Brandon Orselli


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