Strike Vector, a Breakneck Speed Aerial Combat Game, is Quite the Looker

strike vector ss 1

Strike Vector is a very impressive looking title, not just in motion but also in terms of development process. The game was made in about ten months by a team of nine indie developers. Yes, this game was made by a very small team in that short amount of time, and it’s already ready for beta testing.

You can check out the game’s beta trailer below:

Your Vector is a vehicle that you can completely customize, and will allow you to fight in two forms while getting into intense multiplayer dogfights. Whereas most aerial combat games will try to limit you, it seems like Strike Vector just has a thing for insane speeds – so don’t expect to be held back.

The Jet Mode will let you zip around and fly at crazy fast speeds, but naturally this isn’t a method to precisely take down your opponents. For that kind of precision, you’ll need to switch over to the Hover Mode, which gives you more of a classic FPS shooter feel and precision. There’s a first person view, just in case you’re feeling a little sadistic and really want to make your eyes tear up.

As mentioned before, Strike Vector is going to enter beta soon, if you want to sign up, you can do so here. Strike Vector is also coming to Steam, as it has already been greenlit by the Steam community.

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