Earthbound is Recreated in Mind Blowing 3D

earthbound hd ss 6

Earthbound has long been a game that fans have clamored for to get a sequel, or an HD remaster. Despite the small inclusions the series has seen in games like Super Smash Bros., it has not had a modern sequel or recreation—that is, until now … Well, sort of.

Christopher Behr is a designer who just so happens to be a huge fan of Earthbound. His goal was to recreate the town of Onett, which is the city you find yourself in during Earthbound‘s opening chapter.

You can view more shots of the environments here:

earthbound hd ss 5 earthbound hd ss 4 earthbound hd ss 3 earthbound hd ss 2 earthbound hd ss 1

He did just that, a task that took him roughly a year to finish, using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. Unfortunately, this is not a playable game in any fashion, but it does make you think of what a 3D Earthbound would look like.

You can view more of Christopher Behr’s works here.

Brandon Orselli


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