The First Real Gameplay for Quantum Break is Revealed

quantum break ss 1

Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment have finally given us a real look at gameplay for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break.

You can check out the gameplay premiere video below:

The VGX premiere also brought some new story details, namely how the events in the game are centered around a time travelling experiment gone horribly wrong, leading to the end of time as we know it. The two main characters Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, alongside the central villain, Paul Serene, all gain time manipulating abilities, and as such become embroiled in a fight to either restore the balance of time, or allow it to be destroyed.

Both Jack and Beth are playable in Quantum Break, and gameplay can be described as a third person action/shooter of sorts, as it’s shown off in the gameplay reveal. There will be lots of set pieces wherein time will stop or become incredibly slowed down, allowing what would normally kill people provide an interesting environment for Jack and Beth to explore or fight in. Naturally, in order to survive in Quantum Break, you’ll have to master all of your time powers, especially if you want to succeed in overthrowing Monarch Industries.

Quantum Break is currently in development exclusively for Xbox One.

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