Kingdoms of Amalur Dev Believes Franchise is Worth $1 Billion

kingdoms of amalur reckoning ss 1

If you haven’t played Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the game was a gigantic, yet original project that was set to be the next big fantasy RPG. That’s what Curt Schilling, 38 Studios founder still thinks, at least.

He had this to say on twitter regarding the future of the series:

To which he naturally got a lot of replies, mostly people either complimenting the game’s critical score, or downplaying his estimation on the series’ worth. Enter Gears of War co-creator Cliffy B:



One could say Curt Schilling is being overly optimistic because the franchise, despite being considered a commercial failure, is currently up for auction. There are reportedly around 24 parties interested in buying the franchise.

This entire debacle led to 38 Studios filing for bankruptcy (and being shuttered), the state of Rhode Island taking control of the companies assets, and Curt Schilling losing his entire baseball fortune, as he was a former MLB player.

So what do you guys thinks – is the Amalur series still worth pursuing, or are there too many action RPGs vying for the crown?

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