Trove is a Free to Play Minecraft Alternative

trove ss 1

If you’ve ever heard of games like Rift and Defiance, then you know Trion Worlds and their excellent work. They’ve revealed their new game, and it’s a pretty big jump from their previous outings.

Their new game is called Trove, and it’s a free to play, voxel-based sandbox, something like the indie superstar Minecraft. The key thing about Trove is that it is heavily focused on a constantly, progressively changing online experience. If you beat a world, a new one is started and your character (and possibly your creations) can transfer to the new world.

You can check out the reveal trailer below:

Trion Worlds will be extremely active on social media like twitter, reddit, and the like as they interact with fans and testers, in order to make sure the game is shaping into what the fans want. You can sign up for their alpha right now. Final release platforms have not been confirmed yet.

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