Sony is Selling More PS4’s At the Launch in NYC

sony ps4 nyc

In case you missed out on pre-ordering a Playstation 4, you can possibly get one if you live in the tri-state area. Sony is holding a review event at The Standard High Line in New York City, and now they’re going to be selling available PS4 consoles.

How many are available? 444 units, to be exact. The image above is where the line starts, which is on the corner of Washington and Little West 12th Street.

No cash, only credit cards, and there will also be kiosks for fans to play games at their launch event on Friday. Developers and producers from various Playstation 4 games will be at the launch event to answer fans’ questions.

The coolest thing about the whole event is that images and games themselves will be projected onto the entire walls of the building itself.

Brandon Orselli


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