Unimaginable Horrors Await in The Forest

the forest ss 1

The Forest is a very unique game in that it blends survival horror elements with a very immersive, open world experience.

The game sounds like a combination of Minecraft and .. well, I’m not really sure how else to describe it. The game literally throws you into a wild, untapped jungle island and lets you choose to do whatever.

You could cut down a bunch of trees and make a small hut, or if you’re feeling industrious, you could start constructing your own fortress. Why would you want to build a shelter, when you’re on such a paradise?

Well, there be mutants out there. Literally, there are freakish, terrifying mutants out there in the woods, who may or may not be human. They’re sentient, they have beliefs, families and morals. Killing one of them would likely enrage their entire clan.

You can view a trailer for the game below:

The Forest currently doesn’t have a release date, but if this article got you excited, you can check out more of the game on their website.

Brandon Orselli


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