What the Hell is Jazzpunk About?

jazzpunk ss 1

So what the hell is Jazzpunk all about? I found out about this game via the news that one of my industry role models, Jim Sterling, would be doing a voice for the game.

Jazzpunk is described as “a comedy adventure game, set in an alternate reality Cold War World, plagued with Corporate Espionage, Cybercrime, and Sentient Martinis.”

The game seems hard to describe in mere words as it’s shaping up to be a complete parody of multiple genres and tropes, namely cyberpunk themes and espionage films.

You can check out a trailer below, which is videotaped in FILMOVISION:


I find it hilarious that it peppers in SUPERPOLYGONATION as things are exploding into pieces for no reason.

If you want to pre-order the game, you can do so on developer Necrophone Games’ website, which you can find here. Jazzpunk is set for a release in January of next year.

Brandon Orselli


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