Sony is Trying to Remove Nude Images of Ellen Page from Beyond: Two Souls

beyond two souls ellen page

There is a shower scene in Beyond: Two Souls, starring Ellen Page (because all of Quantic Dream’s games have shower scenes), and something even more naughty has come from some unscrupulous folk that have access to a PS3 dev kit.

Utilizing the Playstation 3 dev kit, the user managed to get a view that gamers playing the finished product have not, a full frontal nude shot of Ellen Page’s digital representation.

Naturally, this got lots of attention and started to spread across some of the more rogue websites out there, prompting Sony’s PR ninjas to come out in full force.

The Sony PR representative had this to say to Cinema Blend:

“The images are from an illegally hacked console and is very damaging for Ellen Page. It’s not actually her body. I would really appreciate if you can take the story down to end the cycle of discussion around this.”

To clarify this, again the Playstation 3 console that was used is a debug unit. So now websites that were hosting said images or linking to said images have been blocked or shut down by their service providers.

Moral of the story – don’t mess with in game assets when they involve digital representations of actual people, especially when you’re trying to find nudity – that’s just wrong.

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