Proteus is Getting an Enhanced Version on Playstation

proteus ss 1

Proteus is a very experimental game, taking open world exploration and marrying it to soothing ambiance in a constantly evolving and remixing formula. It’s really hard to describe, and it’ll definitely get some heads turning.

The game has been out on PC and Mac since earlier this year, getting lots of rave reviews, but now it’s coming to Playstation thanks to Curve Studios. The Playstation 3 and Vita versions will have some extras as well, like the ability to generate an island on the Vita, and on both platforms you can generate an island in relation to the current date.

Both the PS3 and Vita versions have a chance of generating a new “wild” island that could have lots of tweaks and twists, an example was given on the island where Ed Key’s house is has a weird purple sea, a green sky and some equally purple lakes. Additionally, the Vita version will let you interact with the environment with the read touch screen.

Proteus is coming to Playstation 3 and Vita as a cross buy title this month in Europe and sometime “soon” in the Americas.

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