Disgaea D2 Limited Edition Unboxing

This game launches today and you can check out our review on this fantastic game here.  In the mean time I have decided to show you the contents of the limited edition to whet your appetite.



Here is our box complete with some nice artwork.  The box is nice enough, but there are plenty of goodies inside.



The box with the lid off and the first thing you see is what you paid your money for, the game.  You can get this anywhere however, lets see what this limited edition offers.



Look at that, an artbook.  Complete with a hard cover and 36 pages of beautiful art from the game.



A 2 disc soundtrack with 27 songs of the official soundtrack on disc 1 and 13 bonus tracks on disc 2.  Make sure you put it in your car and jam out.



Some fabulous art cards featuring Etna and Flonne in some everyday situations.  Not suggestive at all.



You better heed Etna’s warnings and while Flonne seems nicer, I don’t know if she can be trusted.  By taking care of them, they are talking about these.



Two wonderful figures of our favorite demon vassal and fallen angel.

So yeah, there you have it.  The set is quite nice and for only a little bit more than the regular edition itself, it’s worth picking up.

Make sure you act fast though as the NIS America store is down to less than 25% in stock.  You can act now or pay 4 times the retail price to some scumbag on e-bay if you really want the set.

Buy it here