Chipotle Hopes to Educate Consumers with The Scarecrow

the scarecrow ss 1

Chipotle is known to not really do advertising like other corporate food chains in America, but they are definitely striking a cord with The Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow is a free game for all iOS devices, and its goal is to educate the public with food issues, namely where our food comes from in this post industrial-age world.

You can view the trailer for the game below:


The game itself is about a food manufacturing giant called The Crow Foods, whose factories are all staffed by scarecrows who used to work on farms growing food and raising animals the traditional way.

Actual gameplay will feature tilt-based physics and optional touch controls – you’ll have to avoid hazards to collect vegetables, rescue livestock and of course, plant crops.

Chipotle hired Fiona Apple to sing a cover of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka fame, which you can hear in this absolutely amazing trailer for the game:


You can download the game here for free from the iTunes store.

Brandon Orselli


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