Pavilion is Adventuring in the Fourth Person onto PS4, Vita

pavilion ss 1

Pavilion is a gorgeous looking adventure game set in an isometric viewpoint. It’s described as a “fourth-person exploratory experience about guidance, influence, and subliminal control.”

Now we know the game is coming exclusively to Playstation 4 and Vita, thanks to the reveal at Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show conference.

Though details about actual gameplay are scarce, the bits that are talked about are definitely interesting. You’re supposed to manipulate the environment, influence the main character’s sense and guide him on the path to truth.

All of the art in game is hand painted and rendered in 2D, and as previously mentioned the perspective is an isometric one. This is definitely giving me some nostalgia points!

If all of this didn’t sound surreal and dreamlike enough, you can also listen to some of the game’s absolutely haunting music below:

Pavilion will be exhibited at Sony’s booth next week during Tokyo Game Show, so we’ll probably have more news then. You can also check out their official website here, which has even more gorgeous art.

Brandon Orselli


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