Rock a Wicked Mustache as a Firefighter Hero in Flame Over

Flame Over Art 1

Flame Over is a game featuring a firefighter that is tasked with putting out all the fires in a skyscraper. Here’s the twist though – the game is a roguelike, meaning no two levels will be the same so each floor of the skyscraper will be completely different.

The game is in development for Vita exclusively as the developers, Laughing Jackal, are very comfortable with the system as their previously releases like OMG Zombies! and Hungry Giraffe have shown.

One of the key things the developers wanted to capture was a true feeling of a firefighter, stepping into the unknown every time. Every level is fully destructible and is randomly generated from a multi-layered generator. Each room has its own theme, room type, flammable objects, mini missions, secrets and of course – people to rescue.

The game is played through the perspective of Blaze Carruthers, London’s former fire-fighting hero. They say that they only thing bigger than Blaze’s heart is his giant, manly mustache – no matter how hot things get he never lets it get singed by the flames.

Brandon Orselli


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