7 Days to Die – A Combination of Minecraft, Fallout and Zombies?!

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7 Days to Die is an upcoming, kickstarter-funded game by The Fun Pimps. Yes, it’s a zombie game – before you start rolling your eyes and guffaw at the game being yet another zombie game, let me tell you how this game is trying to be different from the rest of the zombie horde (literally).

The game is a mix of Minecraft and Fallout, only with a bunch of zombies thrown in. It really looks awesome, and it takes the things I like from both of those popular games, and leaves out the things I don’t like from both.

For one, the game world is completely made of voxels, meaning the environments in-game can be destroyed or built by hand, but they still look pretty (not ugly blocks). Stuck in a building and need a quick exit? Take out your shotgun and shoot a hole through the wall, or in more dire circumstances, your pickaxe.

You can check out some real gameplay of the game below:


Here are some of the game’s official features:

  • The World – Explore a  beautiful, hand crafted, voxel world with a multitude of biomes including: wastelands, forests, snowy mountains, pine forests, plains, deserts, burn forests and radiation zones.
  • Points of Interest – Discover hundreds of great Points of Interests ranging from caves, campsites to cities and skyscrapers. Each and every building can be explored inside and out.
  • Dynamic Story Generation – The story unfolds through our “Dynamic Story Generation System” which guides the player to other survivors, better loot and undiscovered Points of Interests through story note quests.
  • Basic Survival – Scavenge the world for food and water maintaining and boosting health, food, stamina and hydration levels. Grow and harvest a variety of crops and hunt, track or domesticate a multitude of wildlife to live off the land.
  • Day and Night Game Play – Spend the day looting, mining, crafting and building up your forts defenses as light slows down and weakens the zombies. Hold up somewhere safe at night as the lunar cycle speeds up and strengthens the zombies.
  • Looting, Mining and Crafting – Loot and mine a multitude of items and ingredients to create hundreds of items including melee weapons, guns, traps, generators, motorized tools, motion detectors, landmines, auto-turrets, salves, potions  and more using our 5×5 grid Crafting System.
  • Relentless and Special Enemies – Enemies will claw, jump, climb and break their way through the world in order to get to you. They can see, smell and hear the player and can work in a group. And watch out for the unique special infected enemies like the Acid Puking Hulk whose acidic vomit can melt blocks.
  • Block Physics and Stability – Our Physics System simulates real-time structural integrity, durability and mass. Blocks don’t float in the air nor can you build an unsound unsupported structure. Build it right or watch it come crumbling down. Weak blocks can even fall from the weight of the player or zombies.
  • Item Quality and Food & Water Purity – Every item in the game has a quality level and degrades with use and combine items to create better items. All Food and water items have a purity level the higher the purity level. The higher the health and stamina benefits. Improve crafting to make better items. Improve cooking to make purer food and water.
  • Stealth and Distraction System – Crouch and sneak your way past enemies or throw objects to distract them. Find or craft sight, sound or smell deterrents and attractor recipes and items to exploit the sight, hearing or smell of the zombies to throw them off track.
  • XP and Skill Trees – Earn XP and upgrade your skills to become the ultimate Bruiser, Gun Nut, Gadget Man, Chemist or Stealth Agent. Upgrade your melee skill learning to craft better melee weapons and swing them harder & faster and even learn special finishing moves.
  • Solo, Cooperative and Multiplayer – Play solo, coop or multiplayer in our unique Zombie Nomad Mode be a human, a bandit or a zombie for a no rules experience. Watch the leader boards and fight to be the Big Clan of the Wasteland or the Duke of Navezgane.
  • Creative User Tools – Build your own worlds and play them with friends using the Creative Mode Tools featuring hundreds of block shapes, prefabs and random generation tools. Create dedicated servers with your own unique game rules and settings.

The story of the game takes place after World War III leaves most of humanity dead or mutated. The true survivors are left to scavenge and attempt to rebuild amidst hordes of zombies, bandits, and mutants.

You have to literally think of the game as if Fallout, Left 4 Dead, and Minecraft had a baby. That baby is pretty much an abomination, but in a good way, right? Honestly, this is a bit of a dream game for me, considering all of the great elements from those franchises it includes.

The setting in 7 Days to Die is really interesting, because it combines deserts, forests, and irradiated wastelands. You can fortify yourself in an existing area, or build your own refuge complete with traps, fortifications and even crops. The developers are seemingly thinking of everything for this game.

Funding for their kickstarter has concluded, but if you still want a piece of the action, you can check out their site here.

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