First 30 Minutes of The Shadow Warrior Reboot

shadow warrior reboot art 1

Shadow Warrior was a fun and innovative game but the original had a lot of controversy behind it. It featured a character who was more of a parody on East Asian culture and blatant misogyny with its characters.

If you haven’t played the original or seen the reboot until now, the games feature the protagonist Lo Wang, and is from a first person perspective. Think of it as Duke Nukem meets Ninja Gaiden, only with a lot less acrobatics.

shadow warrior reboot ss 1

Racism and sexism are definitely becoming a very popular topic in video games today, the devs at Devolver Digital are ditching these for their reboot of the game, focusing on a more “politically correct” game.

This is kind of hilarious to me considering how extremely gory and blood-filled the combat is. They’re also opting out of multiplayer for the reboot as well.

Youtuber SlasherJPC has revealed the first thirty minutes of the game, you can view it below. WARNING, the combat is extremely gory so this is definitely NSFW material:

The Shadow Warrior reboot is coming this fall to PC.

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