Rainbow Skies is Soaring to PS3, Vita Next Year

Rainbow Skies Logo
Sidequest Studios are a pretty talented team from Germany, previously known for Rainbow Moon and the insanely hard/awesome Söldner-X games. Today Sidequest Studios have announced the successor to Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Skies.

Both Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies are strategy RPGs in the vein of classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre, but with a heavier emphasis on exploration.

The game has been in development for almost a year now and the devs have taken in lots of fan feedback from Rainbow Moon with the crafting of this spiritual successor. There’s a few key things with the sequel that are different from Rainbow Moon, however.

Rainbow Skies is set in a new world, the game has new characters, new monsters and a new story that is not linked to the original. The world in which Rainbow Skies is set in stretches across two parallel worlds with very dynamic environments between the two worlds.

The game is more than your average sequel, featuring over 50 background music tracks and a bevy of new features, including:

  • An advanced battle system with new combo attacks
  • A new dialogue and emoticon system
  • New treasure hunting quests
  • Improved side-quests
  • Explorable buildings
  • New mini-games
  • Monster taming

Check out some in game environments below:

Rainbow Skies SS 1 Rainbow Skies SS 2
Rainbow Skies SS 3 Rainbow Skies SS 4

Rainbow Skies is coming to both PS3 and Vita next year, while the original game – Rainbow Moon, is actually still coming to Vita, the latest update on the Vita build of the game is as follows:

“Rainbow Moon Vita is completely playable and in the final testing phase. However, submission process can take a few months, but will be definitely this year.”

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