Titanfall Pre-orders Are Up

titanfall ss 1

Titanfall pre-orders are up, the game will cost you a cool $59.99 – as if anyone thought it would cost differently. You better believe this game will get collector’s editions, DLC, season passes and so on – the question is how will EA push/milk this thing.

I’ve got to admit, the game looks and sounds cool and is thankfully a step in a different direction when you consider where most of the talent at Respawn is from – making Call of Duty. These guys definitely know how to make shooters.

Instead of going with yet another gritty, realistic military shooter they decided to go with a more fantasy based one – something I’m definitely a fan of. The key thing about this game is that it’s online only, so that’ll be interesting to see progress.

It takes a lot to get me into shooters again these days but all those giant mechs in Titanfall are definitely enticing me. My only gripe is that the game is online only – I almost always prefer offline or co-op at least. How about you guys? Are giant mechs enough to get you to play Titanfall?

Brandon Orselli


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