Runescape 3 Enslaving Browsers July 22nd

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In case you guys missed it, Runescape 3 is coming. Its release date has been confirmed: the 22nd of this month. So what is Runescape? It’s a browser based MMORPG that is generally popular but not for its depth or variety, but for its monotonous, additive gameplay.

You will be spending hours upon hours leveling stuff up. What kind of stuff? Well, there are skills you can level up like woodcutting and fishing. Some skills let you kill NPCs or build houses even.

Despite the negative points for the game being very monotonous, it’s clearly addictive to a lot of people and is profitable for developer Jagex. They definitely know their fans and hopefully Runescape 3 won’t disappoint when it enslaves browsers, office workers and students.

Brandon Orselli


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