Fan-made “Souls” Game is a Blast From the Past

Someone by the name of Alxinho has apparently made what some are calling a “de-make” of the now extremely popular “Souls” games, known for their extreme difficulty. The game is supposed to be a bit easier than the current-generation Souls games, but still tries to be challenging for players.

The game is free to play/download, as trying to sell the game would obviously be a big problem for From Software. The game features bonfires as checkpoints, and that collecting souls only lets you level up. Leveling up increases your: energy bar, stamina bar and your agility. Overall the game is very reminiscent of older gems like Ghosts and Goblins.

The game is apparently only playable in Spanish, but the creator has English instructions on his blog. You can also download the game directly from his blog as well.

Brandon Orselli


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