16 Days Later, Twitch Plays Pokemon is Finished

pokemon red twitch stream teaser

The collective hive mind that is the Twitch community has been going at a playthrough of one of the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, in which thousands of people input commands via the platform’s text chat.

The method of progression in the game stems from the posted commands that are then filtered through an algorithm that translates the most voted for commands into actual movements or choices made in battle.

This playthrough of Pokemon Red took sixteen days, finally coming to its climax after the defeat of Elite Four and Blue. Lots of hilarious and (expected) insanity came from the collective of thousands trying to all play the same game at the same time, religions were invented, false prophets were named, and lots of people cried anarchy (one of the playthrough’s command input methods).

Things don’t seem to be over, however, as a countdown timer (shown above) has revealed. Could this lead to a playthrough of the next games in the series, Pokemon Gold and Silver?

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