13-Minute Live-Action Japanese Commercial for Final Fantasy VII Remake


Square Enix have produced a 13-minute trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The live-action trailer is not set in the world of the game, but our world. The main character (Masata Kubato) comes across a disk for the original Final Fantasy VII in his apartment. He talks about it with his girlfriend Kana (Misato Morita), who has a deep love of the game. At work, the main character’s colleagues discuss the original game and the remake- even his boss talks about how important the game was to his generation.

As the main character digs more into the Remake, Kana remembers how she used to watch her brother play the game. After her father passed away however, the two grew apart, not seeing him for eight years. She then teases her boyfriend, saying he’s uninterested and aloof like Cloud.

The main character is getting more and more interested in the game, but does not admit it publicly. All the while, Kana is also tempted to get in contact with her brother again.

The two head to a bar and meet an otaku (Tetsuji Tamayama) who loves Final Fantasy VII. Explaining why everyone loved the game so much, the otaku is shocked when the main character reveals he never played Final Fantasy VII. 

While Kana explains what scenes left an impression with her, the otaku cuts her off before she spoils anything. The otaku also mentions how the original Final Fantasy VII will always exist and never change, but a new era for the game will start in 2020.

While we get footage of others playing the original game with iconic moments, the otaku narrates how the game revolutionized the industry, and it will happen again in 2020.

After the flashbacks, the main character finally admits he’s jealous he didn’t experience the game when he was younger. The otaku quips that old fans are jealous that people new to the game will get to discover the Remake.

Finally, the main character and Kana decide to buy a PlayStation 4 and play Final Fantasy VII Remake together, once it is released. We also see Kana’s brother messaging her, before the two end up calling each other.

What do you think of the commercial? Do you have any fond memories of the original? Sound off in the comments below!

Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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