Fangamer is Making a Vertical Mode “Flip Grip” Accessory for Switch

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I’m a huge fan of shoot ’em ups and most especially vertical, or “TATE” mode shmups of yester-year, so naturally I was ecstatic with the Nintendo Switch and its natural form factor that supports playing these sorts of games in a vertical position. The only problem: the Switch and its accessories are predominantly meant for horizontal play, but not anymore.

Fangamer is running a Kickstarter for what they’re calling the Flip Grip, an inexpensive yet brilliant solution to playing Switch games in TATE or vertical mode. Featured above, you can view a quick video showing off the classic arcade shooter Galaga being played in TATE mode, on the Flip Grip.

It’s worth pointing out the peripheral is built so that all the ventilation ports for the Switch are fully vented, however the charging/docking port is blocked, meaning you won’t be able to charge your switch while using it in the Flip Grip. While it’s not as comprehensive as some fan-made vertical-styled mini arcade cabinets, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to produce.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Flip Grip, head on over to its Kickstarter page.


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