Battlefield 1 Hands-on Preview – A Great Attempt at the Great War
Star Ocean 5 Hands-On Preview – RPG Parties Have Never Felt So Full
Titanfall 2 Hands-On Preview – Parkour-a-crazy
Furi Hands-on Preview – Bullet Hell-Laden Boss Action
Summon Night 6 Hands-On Preview – Summoning for the Win
Fate/Extella Hands-On Preview – Fate Has Found a New Home
Goliath Preview – A Promising Mecha Sandbox RPG
Ruiner Hands-on Preview – A Brutal, Enthralling, Injection of Cyberpunk DNA
Monsters & Monocles Hands-on Preview – Glorious, Pixel-y, Shooting Goodness
Necropolis Hands-on Preview – Dying Endlessly Because Brazen Head Said So
Let It Die Hands-On Preview and Interview – A Wild, Brutal, and Fun Suda51 Trip
Unavowed: Wadjet Eyes Games New Project Is About Fighting The Supernatural

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