Stop Giving Excuses for Unfinished Games Being Released
Mobius Final Fantasy Charges $75 Per New in Game Class – This is Unacceptable
No, Violent Video Games Don’t Cause Gun Violence
Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Feature All-Male Leads, and That’s Totally Okay
Git Gud Or Die Trying: Why Game Journalists Need Skill
A Tale Of Dragons And Memes: Why Dragonspear’s Writing Is Horrid
Games Reveal the Contrasting Colors of Accessibility
Xbox One and the Importance of Modern Game Preservation via Backwards Compatibility
Sex-Negative Beliefs Are Ruining Gaming, and Society at Large
Koei Tecmo Needs to Stop Being Afraid of Prudish, Censor-Happy Westerners
Be Aggressive: Recent APA Video Game Study on Violence Fails to Find Anything
Re-Used Halo 3 Study Completely Skews Results to Frame Sexist Agenda [Updated]

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