Sony Boss Suggests PlayStation Network Username Change Option is Finally Coming

Whether your online gaming handle is “xX420blazeitXx” or “TheMostBeautifulLabia”, sometimes users find the error in their choice in an online person and decide to later change their username. This has long since been a feature for Xbox Live users and their Gamertags.

Since its inception, PlayStation Network users have been stuck with whatever username they chose – we reported on the noticeable demand to be able to change your username a few years ago. The subject came up again at this year’s PlayStation Experience, only now we’ve got a more firmer answer.

SIEA President and CEO Shawn Layden was asked when PlayStation Network users will be able to change their usernames, to which he said “I hope we’ll see events occur that you don’t have to ask me that question again next PSX (PlayStation Experience).”

Layden noted that the feature has been in demand for a long time and “the elves back at the north pole have been working on that for quite some time.”

What’s your PlayStation Network username? Please tell me it’s something like “WastedJizzDumpster”, “MisterFister”, or equal parts embarrassing and glorious.

Editor’s Note: Image via KindaFunny Forums

Brandon Orselli


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  • I thought people could do something as simple as changing your username on PSN? PSN sucks.

  • blackice85

    Nah, and it’s likely because the primary key in the database is the username itself, rather than a hidden account number that’s not shown anywhere else. I’m sure they *can* let you change the username, the question is what it’s going to break, since everything account related is going to be looking for the username value that you just changed, instead of an unchanging hidden number.

  • Leandro Teixeira

    I hope this isn’t paid, and if it is at least make the 1st change free.

  • RPG


  • Mechonis

    Who wants to bet whether or not they’ll charge you like Microsoft?

  • NuclearCherries

    Everyone wants to get rid of their edgy username they made when they were 13.

    Please just hurry up and do it, Sony.

  • Shattno

    Yeah, username as primary key is my theory too

  • blackice85

    I mean that’s such an amateur mistake, but what else could it be really? Guess it wouldn’t be the first time a big company goofed.

  • Shattno

    I know, it was like the first thing they told us not to do when I took database design at uni.
    It would definitely not be the first time, and definitely not the last, unfortunately.

  • Jared Bellow

    I use my real name on PSN, XBL, Disqus, and a number of other services – my reasoning was that I wanted to grab up my name so nobody else did. Now I kind of want a shitposty name.