New Historical Total War Game Currently in Development

While Creative Assembly is working on their new Total War Saga franchise with the first entry Thrones of Britannia (pictured) alongside the Total War: Warhammer series, the U.K. based developer is apparently working on another Total War game – the next historically-based entry in the series.

The news comes via a new Total War: Warhammer II development update where the studio discusses the issues with developing several projects simultaneously within the same studio.

While noting they’re not making things any easier for themselves, the said: “Plus, we also have the next full-blown historical era title in the works too. More on this next year.”

This also comes after they had a surprise announcement for the 2013-released Total War: Rome II game with its “Empire Divided” expansion, which launched at the end of last month.

What kind of historical era would you like to see Creative Assembly tackle next? Sound off in the comments below!

Brandon Orselli


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  • Madbrainbox

    They also hinted at Tomb Kings for TWW2 in that blog post.

  • Cy

    Total War: Functioning Diplomacy and Decent AI. Coming 2145.

  • Johnny

    Please WW1 or Imperialism Era with a huge map

  • Heresiarch

    I guess Medieval 3 is unlikely with Thrones of Britannia being a thing and it’s probably too early for Rome 3. Maybe they are taking another stab at the whole Empire/Napoleon thing? I kind of hope they don’t.

    I always wanted a Total War: China, but afaik even Shogun 2 didn’t sell all that well compared to the euro history installments.

  • Hurley Guerrero

    You hope it’s not Empire/Napoleon? The best entry in both trade/economy and also naval battles? I bet you’re complacent with this Warhammer trash, too. I definitely hope they make another Empire, it’s got so much potential, and could have been done a thousand times better. And you’re here wanting total war China. Pfff.