Marvelous: No Current Plans to Localize Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura

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Now that Marvelous has released Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura for the Nintendo Switch via the eShop in Japan, many fans have begun asking their localization branch if the game will hit western shores. The company quickly responded, but not in the way fans hoped.

Marvelous confirmed there are currently no plans to localize the game for western audiences. However, it’s worth pointing out this has been the case with most of their Senran Kagura titles, where the publisher confirms a western release sometime later.

For now, if you really want to get your hands on a more intimate Senran Kagura experience complete with HD rumble, you can still get the game via the Japanese eShop.

Do you want to see Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura released in the west? Sound off in the comments below! Also make sure to let Marvelous know you want a western release for the game!

Brandon Orselli


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  • Anon_Amous

    Let’s hope it will be announced a little later. At least Switch is region free so the Japanese option is available to all.

  • Baron Krause

    Does region free work well for digital titles like on the PS4 or is it shit like on the Vita?

  • Mr0303

    Hopefully it will eventually get released in the West. The Senran games for the NS seem quite unique, so it would be a shame if they remained Japan only.

  • FrankieL

    It’s actually better than PS4 as you don’t have to worry about logging in and out of other accounts. You pick the user when you start any game or app and all setting and game saves are applied/changed accordingly to accommodate the user picked. Plus, the Japan eStore accepts PayPal from all regions unlike PSN.

  • Neppers

    Unfortunately I don’t think XSEED is gonna touch this, there was already some complaining from them after doing Peach Beach Splash.

    I’d recommend PQube.

  • James Hewitson

    XSEED complained? about what if i may ask?

  • Neppers

    One of their people (not sure if it was an editor, certainly wasn’t Tom) talked about not wanting to be known as “that type of company” when it comes to localizing lewd games. And this is easily the lewdest SK of all.

  • Zack Attack

    WTF? I think I woke up in hell if this is true. Surely I’m not impressed with this title only because its more of a dating sim than a action game, but that is bullshit if true.

  • Karen

    Hold on let me just trigger a certain someone. Hopefully this will get a PC release in the future.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    That’s like the stupidest shit i have ever heard. They should AIM to become “that type of company”. I buy their stuff because it has become synonimous with japanese games.

  • Marc Duarte

    Let this person go work for another company then. I definitely don’t want them involved with any aspect of the localization process of my precious weeb games.

  • buddyluv324

    I think ive heard something like this before a good couple of years back or so when they localized Akiba’s Trip. I think they were referring to wanting to branch out and localize other games aside from titles like SK and AT.

  • Neojames82

    Oh I’m interested to know who your target is. :3

  • Karen

    The one and only flaming butt-hurt Sony fanboy basement dweller, ChocalateISISCream.

  • Touma

    Isn’t that what they say about pretty much every Senran Kagura game? it’ll get localized eventually.

  • AsthislainX

    XSEED are the american branch of Marvelous precisely in the latter efforts to bring Senran Kagura to the west. They are already known as “that type of company”, and also very good at it, comparing them to PQube. I’m still not over of how PQube handled the debugging of Gal*Gun Double Peace (PC release).

  • iswear12

    Sounds like a faggot.
    Did an SJW invade XSEED or something? Whoever it is needs to be purged fucking immediately

  • Until PC can get HD Rumble mouse lol
    You know that a good idea lol

  • MoeIsLife

    Give Physical EU Release, I’ll pay that 60 bucks in a heartbeat.

    Pls. My Switch needs it.

  • BFG

    PQube is the company that acted like smug manchildren when caught lying after their “100% no censorship” ad campaign on Valkyrie Drive (such as liking tweets from white-knights giving snark remarks to critics).

    I also recall Steins Gate having more and more typos the longer you went on it too.

  • BFG

    Plus, the Japan eStore accepts PayPal from all regions unlike PSN

    My real disappointement when purchasing things on the japanese PSN store, since I have to get digital codes, and end up paying an extra premium for them (almost 1€=100yen despite the actual currency values).

  • BFG will also get triggered. Lol

  • BFG

    Are you still deluding yourself into believing I hate computers in your wraped sense of logic? Despite I’ve played on them for more than 20 years.


  • BFG

    That’s the truth though. Sure, it was the family computer system when I was a kid, and computers werent “monster machines” back then like they can be now. Still didnt stop me to play games like Rayman, Heart of Darkness, Tim inventions, Total Annihilation, Magic Shandalar, Itacante, Uncle Ernest, Theme Park World, etc. I recall a bit of the old computer systems before Windows 95/98 became the standard but my memories on this childhood part are quite iffy.

    Got my first own desktop (an old Lenovo) during high school, and some years later, discovered Steam and TF2 (during the Medic update) and the other Valve games (& the source mods). Good times were had.

    I have a different desktop (budget build-tier but still pretty good) these days, but handhelds have been a lot more practical for me due of my job situation (being able to play during transports travels, waiting rooms and breaks).

  • Sean Sharpe

    To be fair, I’d rather be known as the company that localized Falcom games than the company that localized Tittie Ninjas.

  • Feniks

    Understandable. How could real women even compete?

  • Zack Attack

    Hopefully, even though I want the pinball game a lot more.

  • Zack Attack

    I’m sure it is just like the PlayStation titles that they are timed exclusives for some stupid reason. Hopefully it will come to Steam at some point. I may have more interest by then because of mods.

  • BFG

    Only if you’re really insecure and need peer approval from random people or supposed “friends”

  • James Hewitson

    Oh really? i guess i missed that, thanks buddy!

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    What the fuck?

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    >HD Rumble
    Nice try faggot. This game is an HD Rumble showcase (Prototype).


    let’s take it to twitter folks. let them want we want them goods.

  • RetroGamer

    Glad you asked. I was wondering, too.

  • RetroGamer

    I can’t wait until they release the politically correct version, personally. All the characters will be flat-chested, wear flannel shirts, and have short haircuts. The burka DLC will follow for a modest $1.99.

  • magicalfollower

    Jesus Christ, it’s the same fucking excuse DoAX:3 got….

  • Kiryu

    Then change it asap Marvelous because i bought the Switch for this exact kind of niche games.

  • MusouTensei

    Yeah I don’t think that will ever happen, it’s basically a massage simulator, maybe PEGI would give it an 18+ but USK, australia, New Zealand and even the ESRB could be a problem with this one.
    I just hope some fans translate the script, I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing there, lol.

  • chaoguy

    Email them or talk to them via social media and let them know.
    Consumers being quiet is what fucks over consumers.

  • BaronKrause

    Ehh as long as they learned from that ill trust them again. Removing ages is what most consider the line for acceptable censorship, most won’t give them any flack for that, but don’t say there is none.

    Still better then Koei Tecmo with their uncensored Blue Reflection just to have a DLC added feature censored for absolutely no reason.

  • BaronKrause

    But they are known for that, that is what they are. If their going to pretend that’s not what their about now they might as well back up shop.

  • BaronKrause

    Even if they only localized Falcom games, people would only know them as the company that localized…. some game, I can’t remember what it was called.

  • BFG

    I follow on the realization you cannot really trust any of them if you truly want to enjoy the niche as it was originally intended, and that’s always been the case for decades actually. Some groups (namely NIS of America, Aksys, Sekai Project, Ghostlight, Gaijinworks) are just obviously more awful than others.

    I simply refused to live in this sort of Stockholm’s syndrome state and false hope towards localizers and giving them exceptions to my principles. That and paying for poorly done jobs when an original japanese version tend to be cheaper very often.

    I could always say “go learn japanese” but realistically speaking, that’s only for people who truly see a benefit about what the japanese media offers (and not just in terms of video games). Like how non-english foreigners saw a benefit in learning english.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    This. If people spoke to companies as often as they bitched in comment sections we’d likely have a few more localisations.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    PC can use a variety of controllers. Controllers have rumble. Boy oh boy you’re a retard. Take of the helmet and let your brain air out sometimes son.

  • Gigaknight

    For the SK fans that do want it, I hope that changes.

    I, myself, am indifferent. It was heavily tainted with more senseless Yumi pandering, drastically diminishing my desire to acquire this game.

  • Pocketmarmots


  • JohnnyCageFan2

    > … I’d rather be known as the company that localized Falcom games …

    No, but that’s NISA’s distinction.

  • RichardGristle

    GOT ‘EM

  • Anon_Amous

    You need two accounts made (one for each region) when you buy a game on one it’s local on the console for all accounts to play. I’ve only used it for demos so far but I’m considering it for this title but I’m pretty confident Marvelous will localize at a later time.

  • Sean Sharpe

    That’s a nice assumption that my comment is meant to be taken seriously. :p

  • Matz

    At least they’re thinking of Yumifags, people that like other characters are still screwed because they still can’t massage their favorite Senran

  • Matz

    Hopefully the guy that said that doesn’t have a major role in XSEED, one of the worst things you can do as a business is to ditch your regular and loyal userbase just to broaden your market without success and unable to get back your old fans because of how you ignored them


    Not a fan of Yumi either (I mean… she’s an okay character but I have no Idea why she’s so popular. she’s blander than plain bread). Still, I wanna get this just to support the series in the west (DAT HD rumble experience to look neat)

    how knows, maybe if enough people get it they’ll consider bringing Estival Versus and PBS to Switch.

  • Gigaknight

    I don’t have a Switch yet, but may get one in the future. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to get this.

    Look at Re:Newal, a retelling of Burst. Burst, before anyone heard a peep about Gessen–and Yumi of all people shows up as DLC.

    Ham-handed shoehorning.

  • Gigaknight

    “At least”? Seems that’s what they do first and most in nearly all (if not all) circumstances.

    It’s because of their fixation on Yumi that no other characters would get in–at least not before her, if they’d think to expand this game. I mentioned Re:Newal in another comment–there were three New Wave senrans that made their console debut in PBS who’d have made far better additions to the Re:Newal roster; two if you don’t count Souji, who is (I think) part of the third-gen Hebijo team.

  • “No Current Plans to Localize Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura”
    I’m glad it’s so easy to make a Japanese eShop account at least.

  • Jesus christ for real? Doesn’t that person realize XSEED already IS “that kind of company”? I don’t want someone who dislikes/hates lewd and weeb stuff localizing my weeb games.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    Meh, the same happened some time ago, and then we got Estival Versus

  • Cats736

    Region free: just release it in the US and the fans will buy it regardless.

  • Cats736

    That’s a pretty common thing though…

  • Zeroroute(進路 の 零度)

    I kinda can’t blame XSEED here. Localizing a game with so little content probably isn’t worth the money they’d have to spend.

  • Donwel

    That DLC will be Sweden exclusive.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    It’s because Japan has a hard on for Yamato Nadeshiko’s.

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    Best part is that if they ever get on your nerves you can hit the power switch and they dissapear lol.

  • MusouTensei

    It would still require an ESRB rating (which costs money) to be allowed on the american e-shop, and I don’t know how NoA’s policies are about untranslated content. Just make a JP account, which is even simpler than on PSN, and get a 1000yen e-shop card.

  • Cats736

    You misunderstood. Translate it (Obviously), release it in the US. Those from Germany, Australia, NZ can still get it without even needing to go through their puritanical rating boards.

    And no, ESRB is not a problem.


    the heck is that?

  • TsukuyomiMagi99

    A Yamato Nadeshiko is a Japanese term for a traditional Japanese women who is devoted to her family and submissive to her husband and the male authority in her life. While she is usually nice and formal to people she’s strong enough to fight if the situation calls for it. Think of characters like Belldandy from Ah My Goddess, Nanoha Takamachi, Kokoro from Dead or Alive, Iroha from Samurai Spirits, or Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters.


    aaah…. I see now.

    That’s so freaking boring though. (Gyaru is where it’s at!)

  • Jack Thompson

    Ninty has Treehouse working directly with devs during development now to make “suggestions” that will make “localizing” easier and faster. If they set a “cost saving” precedent with this preemptive censorship, other companies might follow.

  • Jack Thompson

    Haven’t Australia and NZ banned games that didn’t even get sent to their ratings boards?

  • MusouTensei


  • MusouTensei

    But for that you need to find someone who translates the game, and right now no publisher wants to do that.