Nintendo is Shutting Down Miiverse on November 8

Nintendo has announced they’re shutting down their community-focused Miiverse this November.

The service will be shut down on November 8th alongside Wii U Chat and Tvii, both relics of the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

With Miiverse fans could share accomplishments, comments, and even hand written notes (like the amazing stuff you see above) with each other. There were other features like item sharing, and even exchanges with other non-Nintendo platforms, however it remained a case-by-case sort of thing.

Nintendo made a note regarding Super Mario Maker, which posts a user-created level ID to a Miiverse page – adding that you can continue to upload levels you’ve made to their servers, however further details on how they’ll be shared now will be announced later.

The Miiverse first launched back in November of 2012, for the Wii U. It eventually launched for the 3DS a year later, but there were no plans to bring it to the Switch.

Brandon Orselli


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