Monolith Soft Hiring for “Ambitious” New Game Project Alongside New Artwork

Monolith Soft, the developer behind games such as Xenoblade Chronicles and Project X Zone, has begun hiring for a new game.

According to their site, it’s an ambitious new project like nothing the studio is known for.

Along with the listing, Monolith Soft posted some cryptic concept art for the title, showing a female warrior who is seemingly the protagonist. You can find the artwork above as well as below:

Beyond the recruitment page, no info on the title has been revealed. Monolift Soft’s next game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, launches this holiday for Nintendo Switch.

Matthew Sigler


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  • Fandangle


  • Mechonis

    Excited to see anything from this studio

  • InkViper

    My bet its a mediaeval fantasy RPG within an MMOs co-op component to it, similar to what they did with XBX, which makes me think it has a great deal of potential. But then I remember that interview and about how NOA are NOW! sending people from treehouse over to “talk” to there studios whilst titles are in development, which drains any enthusiasm I have for this project.

  • Joe

    “like nothing the studio is known for”

    Concept art shows young blonde protagonist with a sword overlooking a jagged multi-tiered landscape.

    Yeah, totally different than their normal fare.

    Wish they’d just go and do Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 already. We need more mecha games, not boring western fantasy Witcher wannabes.

  • Travis Touchdown

    The only good series they’ve ever made.

  • Fandangle

    They probably mean gameplay wise rather than concept wise. Though honestly the XB and XBX concepts were godly and even if the “NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!” jargon is pure marketing (and it most certainly is) then I wouldn’t mind. XBX had a lot of problems that could’ve been easily fixed. Just better balance would have improved it leagues, as well as a better party system, and a better characters in general.

    If they took XBX and made a tighter, more character focused game like XBC then it would most certainly top anything they’ve made so far.

    Also when have they ever made Witcher Wannabe games?

  • Ace

    New mobile game? PogChamp