Etrian Odyssey V Western Launch Set for October 17

Atlus has announced the release date for Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth.

The latest in their long-running dungeon RPG franchise will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on October 17th in North America. A European release is confirmed for sometime this winter, via Deep Silver.

Featured above, a new trailer was shared, introducing the game’s playable fencer class. Here’s a rundown on the class:

It just wouldn’t be smart to traverse the Yggdrasil tree without someone who is pretty handy with a blade, so why not have an Earthlain Fencer watch your back when exploring? The Fencer is master of both rapier and shield, and let’s just say that during fights they really like to get straight to the point. Quick on their feet, Fencers excel at evasion, stabbing, initiating defensive buffs, stabbing, chaining together attacks with other party members, and stabbing. They can further specialize in their agility by sacrificing unnecessary equipment for speed or go all in with their swordsmanship to become a whirlwind of pain.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Terra

    Again Atlus delays their EO games in Europe with several months. Do they re-translate the game for the EU audience? Or are they just assholes who likes to give us the middle finger?

    There’s a 110% probability that EOV will be digital only in the EU. There’s no reason to not just release it digital only the same date as in NA. Hell is a physical release in NA even confirmed at all at this point?

  • Michael Richardson

    Yep. It’s getting a nice launch edition with extra goodies, too (and without the Atlus tax!). Also, they’ve reiterated that it’s coming to Europe in 2017 too, so chill.

    Mario Odyssey AND Etrian Odyssey V in October. My soul officially belongs to Nintendo portables for the rest of the year!

  • Uncle Ocelot

    The longer waits in Europe have been because Atlus has never really had a reliable distributor for the region until very recently when they started working with Deep Silver. They’ve done a really great job of getting Atlus games in Europe released around the same time, if not the same day as NA, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it yet.

  • Donwel

    I thought Sega was handling EU distribution after they bought Atlus a few years back.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    They did for P4A Ultimax, I don’t know why they only did it the once and went to a third party afterwards.

  • Donwel

    Maybe it was to save a bit of cash, or maybe to let Atlus keep some level of independence, as far as I can tell Sega don’t seem to meddle too much in Atlus’ business.

  • Sean Sharpe

    This, Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein… October is busy.

  • Mr. Capo

    Day 1 buy tbh.