Niche Spotlight – Giga Wrecker: Robust, 2D Action-Adventure by Game Freak

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Game Freak is mostly known for the Pokemon series, however they’re not owned by Nintendo and as such they sometimes develop games outside the monster-battling RPG genre.

Their most recent foray into a new game is actually an entirely new IP called Giga Wrecker, and it’s now available for PC.

The game is described as an “action adventure” experience where you play as Reika, a girl who has the ability to manipulate debris while exploring and battling through a land filled with an evil army of robots.

Featured above, you can view the game’s latest trailer. The game features some notable staff, including concept designs by Asagiri, and Shinji Hosoe as the composer.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Mixture of exploration and physics
    Smash down towering walls, use rubbles as platform and climb high cliffs……This game is an innovative mixture of physics and stage exploration.
  • Combination of puzzle and action
    Crush enemies with a falling object, think and choose the right weapon for the right situation……you can enjoy the achievement of solving puzzles and gimmicks, beating traps and enemies.
  • Special abilities
    The player character has the power called ARCHE(ARms Creating and Handling Effect), the ability to construct various weapons using rubbles and scraps from broken objects.
  • Each weapon has its own unique effect, so make full use of them to explore through the stages.

You can find Giga Wrecker here on Steam.

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    Always been a niche gamer and did an amicable job of finding good stuff on my own. But I’ve been discovering so much more combing through Niche Gamer. So glad I found this site. Thank you!

  • Brownninja97 .

    This is one of my most favourite things about steam and pc in general its like the PS2 days, you could go into a shop find a random game you have heard nothing about and then buy it and be amazed. So many hidden gems out there. Glad you are helping to spotlight some of these games, they deserve the attention.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Too zoomed out for my tastes.

  • Louis

    I actually bought this game during the summer sale and beat it yesterday. The art style is lovely, but everything else is…. nyeehh.
    The entire game is physics puzzles, so actually getting the desired result is a complete crapshoot, especially since everything destructible leaves bits of debris that can’t be moved or removed, but still interfere with the main physics elements. I’ve had cases where a box I placed on a button wasn’t pushing it all the way down, because there was a bit of rubble in between that was redistributing the weight. The translation is kind of a mess, there’s a time travel plot that feels like it was just added to justify why you can reset physics puzzles – oh, and there’s only five bosses in the entire game, and three of them you fight twice.
    Overall, I paid $10 and got 11 hours out of it, so I feel like I got exactly my money’s worth.

  • That kind of physics is why I couldn’t stand Trine. Guess this is a skip for me.

  • deadmancrawling

    I hope Game Freak manages to escape from Nintendo’s clutches someday

  • ProxyDoug

    “What if Knack was a side-scrolling Black rock Shooter?”
    “Say no more fam!”