South Park: The Fractured but Whole Release Date Set, New Farting Vigilante Trailer

Ubisoft has announced the release date for South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

While the game was previously delayed, it’s now set to finally launch on October 17th across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Featured above, you can view a new trailer that introduces the “Farting Vigilante,” or the player character.

Available in standard, Gold, SteelBook Gold, and Collector’s editions, every fan that buys the game will get the original game, South Park: The Stick of Truthentirely free. If you pre-purchase the game, you’ll be able to play The Stick of Truth immediately through certain retailers. Finally, pre-orders for the gamei include the exclusive, in-game “Towelie: Your Gaming Bud,” who simply adds to the experience.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Ubisoft:

With crime on the rise in South Park, the streets have never been more dangerous. As the sun sets on the quiet Colorado town, havoc and chaos unleash a reign of terror and the seedy underbelly of the city comes alive. The town needs new heroes to rise! Eric Cartman seizes the opportunity to save the town and create the best superhero franchise ever, his own Coon & Friends with himself as the leader, The Coon.

Every superhero has an origin, and Coon & Friends are no different. Continuing in their role as the New Kid, players will discover their backstory, assemble their unique costumes, and harness their fart-based powers from numerous hero classes to create their own original hero. An all-new combat system offers unique opportunities to master space and time while on the battlefield, and a revamped looting and crafting system gives players the freedom to craft their own equipment to aid them in battle.

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  • Mr0303

    The Daredevil-Punisher joke was quite good.

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Mmm. Kind of a shame they are putting that much emphasis on the farting mechanic, which I don’t think I used even once in my entire playthrough of SoT. Hoping there is at least one class that focuses on something unrelated… “Farting Vigilante” is juvenile even by SP standards.

  • sanic

    So excite for this.

  • Fenrir007

    Still haven’t played the first one, even though I bought it. I probably should.

  • I’m biding my time with this one, just in case Australia decides to “edit” some things out again.

  • Michael Anon

    How could they fuck up so royally that they had to delay it for 10 months? Oh well, hopefully it’s good.

  • Phasmatis75

    Probably Ubisofts SJW managers trying to delay the project and then rewrites to stay relevant.